The CHOLA Story | About Us


Chola was born out of a little experiment in 2015, with its first exhibition at the Vintage Garden Trunk Show, in Mumbai. Since then it took on a life of its own and has been steadily growing as an accessible luxury apparel brand. Chola is reflective of an ethos of simplicity and soulful design.

The brand represents everyday luxury defined by an intense connection with comfort and style. Our Founder and Creative Director Sohaya Misra believes in the mantra of ’Less is more’ and creates each design keeping the integrity of the fabrics intact. Clean lines, with plenty of detailing and edge are some of the hallmarks of Chola designs. The ease and comfort of the fabrics used complement the brand’s ideology of relaxed silhouettes. Another facet unique to the brand is the versatile appeal of separates that allow layering in many different ways for a fresh look and appeal every time the clothes are worn. Each collection by Chola tells a story, and behind every story is a creative journey, filled with an aura of suspense and fun. In the end when the collection of beautiful pieces of garments is ready to launch, Sohaya says the feeling is of having created art.


Chola retails out of some of the most well known stores of India namely Ogaan, Ensemble, Elahe, and many more across the country.