We accept wholesale orders.

At Chola, we take pride in our diverse clientele from all around the world. All of our products are crafted with utmost care and finesse in our studio located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

We strive to create timeless, versatile clothing that is perfect for everyday wear. Our sustainable and eco-friendly materials include organic cotton, linen, and handwoven textiles, which are sourced from artisans, NGOs, and fair trade textile clusters across the country.

Our unique and gender-fluid designs often feature asymmetrical cuts, layering, and draping, which are created through free cutting methodologies to minimise waste.

We focus on need-based production and responsible manufacturing, producing limited quantities of each design to reduce waste and ensure each garment is made with attention to detail.

To learn more about wholesale pricing and minimum quantities, please contact us at info@cholathelabel.com.